Comprehensive B2B Sales Guide for 2023: Over 100 Resources for Sales Leaders

Comprehensive B2B Sales Guide for 2023: Over 100 Resources for Sales Leaders

In the vast landscape of B2B sales advice, it can be overwhelming to find the most valuable resources. To simplify your quest for knowledge, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive collection of the finest resources for sales leaders. Whether you're seeking timeless wisdom or the latest trends in sales, this guide is your go-to reference.

This guide is dynamic and ever-evolving, so be sure to bookmark it and return regularly for updates and fresh insights.

Before delving into advanced B2B sales resources, let's revisit the fundamentals.

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Understanding B2B Sales:

B2B, short for Business-to-Business, refers to a business relationship in which one company sells its products or services to another business entity, as opposed to individual consumers.

Most B2B businesses can be categorized into one of four primary sectors:

1. Supplies and Consumables

Examples include office supplies or equipment.

2. Wholesale and Distribution

Businesses involved in the distribution of products to retailers.

3. Professional Services

This category includes services such as financial consulting.

4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Companies offering software solutions on a subscription basis.

B2B sales, therefore, constitutes a sales model where one business sells its products or services to another business.

Comparing B2B Sales to B2C Sales:

In contrast to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales, where businesses sell directly to individual consumers (e.g., retail stores), B2B sales tend to involve:

- A higher degree of personalized engagement.

- Higher price points.

- Extended decision-making processes.

- Complex buying procedures.

- Involvement of multiple stakeholders.

- A higher ratio of sales representatives per customer.

While many companies predominantly operate in either the B2B or B2C realm, it's not uncommon for some to have dual B2B and B2C segments. For instance, internet service providers often cater to both individual consumers and business clients like hotels.

With the foundational concepts in mind, let's explore various facets of B2B sales, commencing with sales strategy.

Best Resources for B2B Sales Strategy:

Effective B2B sales necessitates a profound understanding of how your customers make purchasing decisions.

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Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) delineates your optimal target customer. Identifying your ICP is vital for qualifying potential buyers and dedicating more resources to promising leads. However, defining your ICP can be a nuanced process. Here are some resources to help:

1. An Often Overlooked Aspect of Your Startup's Ideal Customer Profile

Venture Capitalist Tomasz Tunguz elucidates how vague ICPs can lead to either over- or under-qualification of prospects. He emphasizes that a robust ICP should enable quick prospect identification, effortless communication of its characteristics to others for rapid prospect identification, and seamless integration into your sales systems.

2. The Minimum Average Contract Value (ACV) to Justify an Inside Sales Team at a SaaS Startup

Tunguz crunches the numbers to illustrate why you shouldn't hire inside sales representatives unless your average contract value is at least $3,000.

3. Five Ways to Build a $100 Million Business

This renowned model delineates five business models based on average revenue per account (ARPA) — using flies, mice, rabbits, deer, and elephants.

4. Five Years Later: Five Ways to Build a $100 Million SaaS Business

Christoph Janz updates the model to reflect the evolving SaaS landscape by removing the fly and introducing the whale.

5. Individuals or Teams: Who’s the Better Customer for SaaS Products?

David Sacks, a venture capitalist and former CEO of Zenefits, PayPal's COO, and Yammer's CEO, explains why team accounts are the lucrative segment in SaaS.

B2B Sales Process & Funnel:

Most sales organizations follow a standard funnel, guiding prospects from initial contact to closure. Let's review the typical B2B sales process and explore strategies for optimizing it.

6. What Is the B2B Sales Process?

This comprehensive guide offers a 101-level overview of the B2B sales process, covering both inbound and outbound perspectives.

7. How to Master The Social Media Engagement Funnel

This actionable guide provides insights into leveraging social media for prospecting and outreach.

8. Sales Funnel Optimization for SaaS Startups

Tunguz once again employs data to demonstrate why enhancing the top-of-funnel stages (prospecting and lead qualification) is the most cost-effective approach to reducing customer acquisition costs.

These resources represent just the beginning of your journey into the world of B2B sales strategy. Stay tuned for more valuable insights as we explore additional facets of B2B sales in this comprehensive guide.

Sales & Marketing Budget Planning:

9. Determining the Ideal Sales & Marketing Investment for SaaS Startups

Establishing an appropriate budget for your sales and marketing efforts can be akin to the classic chicken-and-egg dilemma. Tunguz delves into the typical expenditures of publicly traded companies and provides a useful worksheet to assist you in pinpointing the right budget for your venture.

SMB vs. Enterprise Sales Strategies:

10. Deciding When to Transition to Enterprise Markets

Tunguz advocates for basing the decision to venture into enterprise markets on three crucial factors: the cost of transitioning, lead volume, unit economics, and the degree of alignment between SMB and enterprise roadmaps.

11. The Disparity Between SMB and Enterprise Sales

Founder of SaaStr, Jason Lemkin, emphasizes that the skill sets required to secure SMB deals are vastly different from those needed for enterprise deals. Consequently, he cautions against hiring successful SMB salespeople for enterprise sales roles.

12. Enterprises vs. SMBs - The Preferred Customer for B2B SaaS Startups

Sacks contends that SMBs often serve as the optimal starting point for most startups. They tend to be early adopters, have straightforward needs, and provide an excellent testing ground for experimentation.

13. Moving Upmarket: A Guide to Enterprise Sales

Our guide delves into the critical distinctions between traditional and enterprise sales, offering insights into steps you can take to close more enterprise accounts.

Freemium vs. Free Trial vs. Top-Down Sales Models:

14. Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Sales Models: A Comprehensive Comparison

This resource provides a clear breakdown of the fundamental differences between top-down and bottom-up sales models.

15. Freemium vs. Free Trial - The Optimal Choice for SaaS Startups?

Sacks elucidates that the decision to adopt a freemium or free trial model hinges on whether free users generate value for paying users and whether a sense of urgency is required to transition from free to paid.

Cultivating an Exceptional Sales Team Culture:

Sales culture encompasses the habits, values, and attitudes that define your sales team's dynamics, greatly influencing their productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.

16. Sales Culture: Building a High-Performance, Healthy Sales Team

This guide explores the attributes that distinguish a healthy sales culture from a toxic one, offering actionable steps to foster a positive culture within your sales team.

17. Amp It Up!

Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake and former CEO of Data Domain and ServiceNow, divulges his approach to instilling a "performance culture" in sales teams by focusing on compensation, velocity enhancement, elevated standards, and a narrower focus.

18. Creating a Sales Culture: Defining and Cultivating It

Dan Thompson underscores that sales culture predominantly originates from leadership at the top of the hierarchy.

Hiring B2B Sales Professionals:

19. Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Hiring and Management

This compilation article encompasses a wealth of advice concerning interview processes, recruitment, compensation, onboarding, and leadership within a sales team.

20. The Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Hiring Process

Peter Kazanjy, a respected figure in B2B sales, advocates for recruiting fresh, determined graduates who have demonstrated grit and teamwork over seasoned sales veterans.

21. Video: Recruiting Your Sales Team with Brex Chief Sales Officer Sam Blond

Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer at Brex, shares insights on recruiting, networking, and employee well-being as pivotal elements in building a stellar sales team.

Navigating Early Sales Hires:

22. Onboarding Your Initial Sales Hire as an Entrepreneur

Stephanie Freidman, formerly of Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft), details her process for expanding sales teams from zero to 100 representatives.

23. When You Hire Your First Sales Rep — Consider Hiring Two

Jason Lemkin posits that initiating with two sales representatives can facilitate a better understanding of what works and what doesn't in your sales approach.

Recruiting Sales Leaders:

24. What Constitutes a Great VP of Sales and How to Recruit One

This comprehensive article dissects five responsibilities of a VP of sales, furnishes ten interview questions for assessing candidates, delves into compensation strategies for sales leaders, and more.

25. How to Select the Right VP of Sales for Your Startup

Amy Volas, Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, offers a plethora of advice for the challenging task of hiring a VP of sales, a role that often proves to be the most daunting for founders.

26. The Three Crucial Questions When Appointing Your Startup's Head of Sales

Mark Roberge, former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot, divulges essential questions that founders should pose to their sales leadership candidates.

27. The Two Critical Aspects to Consider When Recruiting Your Inaugural VP of Sales

This article asserts that your VP of sales should possess prior experience in building successful sales teams and have experience selling at your target price point.

Running a Successful Sales Kickoff (SKO):

28. Guide to Effective Sales Kickoff Management

Sales kickoffs (SKOs) are pivotal events that set the tone for your entire fiscal year. This resource offers tips and insights into orchestrating successful sales kickoffs, regardless of whether your team is operating in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person environment.

Enhancing Sales Skills and Coaching:

Effective sales management and coaching are distinct roles. Managers oversee day-to-day activities and motivate reps to achieve targets, while coaches help reps develop their skills, adopt best practices, and advance in their careers. Here are valuable resources for transforming your sales team into better salespeople through coaching:

Coaching Techniques:

29. The Sales Leader’s Playbook for High-Impact Coaching

Gong's playbook is a valuable resource for mastering sales coaching techniques.

Data-Driven Coaching:

30. Elevate Your Sales Coaching Game with Data Analysis

Karen Rhorer explains the significance of data-driven sales coaching.

Competitive Strategies:

31. The Better Box Strategy

When facing stiff competition, consider employing the Better Box strategy. It involves defining two distinct boxes—one for your offering and one for your competitor's. By acknowledging the strengths of your competitor's box and then asserting why yours is superior, you can earn the trust of potential buyers.

Creating Urgency:

32. Generating Urgency: A Guide

Kramer defines urgency as the speed at which a prospect's business aims to resolve a specific challenge. This resource underscores the importance of identifying relevant pain points among decision-makers and how your product can effectively address them.

Developing B2B Sales Skills:

Here are specific skills you can nurture within your team:

Qualification Skills:

33. Identifying Pain Points: The First Step in Sales

Suster underscores the importance of extracting customer pain points as a fundamental aspect of qualification.

Shortening Sales Cycles:

34. Efficient Sales Cycle Shortening

Suster explains the effectiveness of "calling high," which involves engaging with the highest-level, most appropriate individuals within an organization to expedite deal closures.

Optimizing Sales Cycles:

35. Enhancing the B2B Sales Cycle: Shortening Each Stage

This resource details strategies for making incremental improvements at each stage of the sales cycle to yield significant enhancements in your closing rate.

Effective Sales Scripts:

36. Scripts for Sales Success: Winning Emails, Calls, and Demos

Peter Kazanjy provides valuable email templates, phone scripts, and demo scripts to boost your sales success.

Mastering Introductions and Demos:

Discovery calls and demos are pivotal for qualification and closing. Here's how to excel in both:

37. Five Steps to a Successful Discovery Call

This resource covers the fundamentals of conducting successful initial discovery calls.

38. Extensive PreSales Collection Demo Blogs

For an in-depth exploration of product demos, consider exploring the PreSales Collective's collection of demo blogs.

39. SaaS Sales Demos: Buyer-Focused Approach

Learn how to deliver buyer-focused sales demos.

Cultivating a Sales Culture and Mindset:

40. Follow Dini Mehta on LinkedIn

Dini Mehta, CRO at Lattice, offers a treasure trove of insights into sales culture and coaching.

Popular Sales Methodologies:

Sales methodologies establish consistency in both process and language within sales teams. Here's a quick overview of renowned methodologies:

41. The Challenger Sale

This summary encapsulates the Challenger Sale methodology, which encourages sales reps to provide valuable education to prospects, customize sales pitches, and take control of conversations.

42. Solution Selling

Solution Selling involves connecting customers with the solutions that best address their problems.

43. MEDDIC Sales

MEDDIC is a qualification framework that aids sales reps in closing more deals by focusing on the right buyers.

44. Sandler Selling System

The Sandler methodology, one of the oldest in practice, emphasizes building relationships and trust before guiding highly motivated buyers toward a sale.

45. Value Selling

Value-based selling revolves around pitching the potential value that customers can derive from your product rather than just showcasing the product itself.

46. Account-Based Sales

Account-based selling and marketing (ABM) involves delivering a hyper-personalized approach to sales, dedicating entire teams and campaigns to land a specific organization or account.

Improving Sales Performance with Data:

47. Data-Driven Sales Management Library

Atrium offers a wealth of resources on enhancing sales performance through data-driven approaches.

Sales Operations and Enablement:

Sales operations encompass roles, teams, and processes that enhance sales team efficiency, including tool selection, pipeline tracking, and commission calculation. Here are valuable resources in this domain:

The Power of Effective Sales Operations:

48. The Transformational Impact of Effective Sales Operations

This article delves into the story of Datahug (now part of SAP) and their journey in building and running a successful sales operations team.

Transition to Revenue Operations:

Many organizations are shifting from traditional sales operations to cross-functional revenue operations models:

49. Revenue Operations Guide: Aligning Revenue Teams

This guide provides insights for sales leaders on creating a revenue operations team from the ground up.

50. Role-Based Guide to Revenue Operations

Go Nimbly is a leading resource for revenue operations through leadership. This guide offers a great starting point for those new to the concept.

Lead and Account Scoring:

51. Lead and Account Scoring

MadKudu, a sales and marketing data platform, offers valuable advice on lead scoring in their blog.

Pricing and Packaging Strategies:

Sales ops teams often play a role in setting pricing and packaging strategies:

52. SaaS Pricing Models, Strategies, and Success Stories

This article provides an insightful overview of SaaS pricing strategies and common models, including examples from Slack, HubSpot, G Suite, and Zendesk.

53. Understanding Your Options: Proven Pricing Strategies

McKinsey explores four different pricing strategies and guides businesses on selecting the right one for their needs.

54. Subscription Pricing Guide: 5 Models for Startups

This resource explains how to choose a subscription pricing model that balances customer acquisition and revenue optimization.

Sales Compensation, Quotas, and Commissions:

Setting effective sales targets is crucial for motivating your team and budgeting accurately:

55. SaaS Sales Compensation: Designing the Right Plan

David Skok offers high-level advice on aligning sales incentives with business objectives.

56. Simple Math for Structuring a Sales Team

Sacks provides benchmarks for establishing quotas and compensation for initial sales reps and managers.

57. Determining Quota and Commission Rates

Skok explains both top-down and bottom-up approaches to quota determination.

58. Critical Mistake in Forecasting Next Year's Bookings

Tunguz highlights the importance of calculating expected quota attainment based on the previous year's median performance per sales rep, rather than the average.

Sales Tools and Technology Stack:

Sales operations primarily involve owning and managing the tech stack:

59. Perfect Sales Technology Search: Current Insights

Jaakko Paalanen, CRO at Leadfeeder, covers seven types of tools essential for your sales tech stack. He also delves into tools used by Ambition, Chorus, Clari, DocSend, Intercom, and more.

60. Sales Enablement Software: Building Your Sales Tech Stack

Dock CEO Alex Kracov breaks down five major sales tool categories and shares his favorite tools in each.

Sales Forecasting:

61. Accurate Revenue Projections Calculation

Sales forecasting can be a challenging task for many leaders. This guide explains the importance of avoiding consistent over- or under-forecasting and provides insights into achieving more accurate revenue predictions, vital for investor and shareholder satisfaction.

Elevating Sales Metrics:

62. The Sales Monitoring Guide: Insights for Growing Startups

This comprehensive guide underscores the significance of early sales metric monitoring in comprehending business health. It also delves into the often-overlooked realm of buyer engagement metrics, shedding light on their role in enhancing sales pipeline forecasting.

Navigating Sales Contracts:

63. Balancing Risk and Reward: 16 Sales Contract Clauses

This resource provides a meticulous breakdown of various contract clauses that startups may consider for their client agreements. It delves into the advantages and disadvantages of each clause, offering invaluable insights for contract negotiation.

Optimizing Sales Collateral and Product Marketing:

Sales content plays a pivotal role in informing buyers' decisions. Effective sales collateral goes beyond providing information—it weaves a compelling narrative linking customer pain points to your solutions. Here's an in-depth exploration:

Mastering Sales Content:

64. Transforming Sales Collateral into Compelling Stories

Our guide unveils the strategic use of sales content across the buyer journey. It offers tips for efficient distribution, continuous content optimization, and the creation process.

Crafting Persuasive Messaging and Positioning:

65. The Play Bigger Book

This resource advocates the approach of category creation and dominance over subtle product differentiation for winning customers' hearts and minds.

66. Crafting a Powerful Strategic Narrative

This breakdown explores how Uberflip introduced the concept of the "engagement economy" into their sales deck to enhance their storytelling about transforming traditional content delivery approaches.

Creating Impactful Sales Decks:

Sales presentations should not overwhelm clients with slides. Instead, they should tell a compelling story. Here are top industry insights on crafting effective sales decks:

67. Building Your Best Sales Deck

Peter Kazanjy emphasizes the importance of speed in successful sales presentations and breaks down essential components for effective sales decks.

68. Analyzing an Exceptional Sales Deck

This analysis dissects Zuora's sales deck, showcasing its effectiveness in engaging enterprise buyers.

69. Creating Effective Sales Decks in 2022

This user-friendly guide offers step-by-step instructions for crafting outstanding sales decks, along with examples of successful ones.

Mastering Case Studies:

70. Writing B2B Case Studies for Conversion

B2B copywriter Daniel Doan provides valuable insights into crafting engaging case studies that drive action.

71. Case Study Buddy Blog

The Case Study Buddy blog is a treasure trove of tips for creating compelling case studies.

Perfecting Sales Motions:

Sales motions are the defined steps a company follows to sell to prospects. These motions are influenced by customer profiles, decision-making processes, and the sales team's size and structure. Here are valuable resources for different sales motions:

Selling to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB):

72. SMB Sales Strategy: Mastering SMB Sales

Daniel Pink's MasterClass on SMB sales is a must-attend for sales professionals.

73. Small Business Sales: Navigating SMB Sales

This guide from Salesforce elucidates typical SMB buyer goals—efficiency improvement and cost minimization—and provides guidance on tailoring your sales approach accordingly.

74. Advocating for SMB Sales

Our guide explores the viability and profitability of selling to SMBs and offers insights into executing this strategy effectively.

Selling to Enterprise:

75. Shifting to Enterprise Sales: A Comprehensive Guide

We outline the fundamental differences between selling to SMBs and enterprises, along with actionable tips for aligning your sales approach with enterprise buyers.

76. Mutual Action Plans: Streamlining B2B Sales

This guide introduces mutual action plans, crucial workflows for both selling and buying teams in enterprise deals, and emphasizes the importance of user-friendly tools for managing this process.

Sales Pilots and Proof of Concept (PoC):

For complex, technical sales, the success of sales pilots and PoCs is pivotal:

77. Maximizing PoC Success

Prasanna Selvaraj explains how tying PoCs to customer business goals and success metrics is essential for their success.

78. Converting Sales Pilots into Deals

This resource explores how to secure sales pilots and assess deal potential through vigilant tracking of usage metrics.

79. The Sales POC Playbook

This playbook offers tips for pitching and executing sales POCs, best practices, and a ready-to-use template for immediate implementation.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Sales Strategies:

The dynamics of sales have been reshaped by the emergence of Product-Led Growth (PLG) in the SaaS industry, altering traditional sales approaches. Despite the prevalence of PLG, a well-crafted sales strategy remains crucial. Here's an exploration of this transformative trend:

Embracing Sales in Product-Led Growth:

80. The Essential Role of Sales in Product-Led Growth

This deep dive dissects the ascent of PLG and dispels the misconception that PLG-based businesses can thrive without sales teams.

81. From $20M to $500M: Incorporating Top-Down Sales

Even the most successful bottom-up PLG businesses often resort to top-down sales teams to fuel their growth beyond the $20-100M ARR mark.

82. Exploring the Sales-Assist Role in Software

This breakdown delves into how PLG and self-serve companies, including Slack, HubSpot, Asana, Zapier, and Atlassian, leverage a light sales touch to guide enterprise buyers through the purchasing journey.

83. Maximizing Impact with Sales and Self-Service

Sam Richards, OpenView's VP of Growth, shares research findings on how sales teams effectively assign free account leads to their representatives.

84. Transitioning: Integrating Sales into Bottom-Up Self-Serve Products

Kazanjy argues that delaying the addition of sales involvement often results in significant missed opportunities.

85. Pocus's Insightful Product-Led Sales Blog

Pocus's blog is a valuable resource for in-depth insights into PLG.

Founders in Sales:

Before enlisting a sales team, most startups initiate their sales journey with founder-led efforts. Here are essential resources for founders stepping into sales roles:

86. Founding Sales Handbook for Early-Stage Go-to-Market

This handbook by Peter Kazanjy is essential reading for founders embarking on their first sales roles.

87. Approaching Founder-Led Sales

A detailed exploration of Dock's approach to the initial six months of sales led by its founders.

Outbound Sales, Prospecting, and SDRs:

The age-old debate of inbound vs. outbound and insights into inside vs. outside sales is complemented by tips on prospecting and coaching Sales Development Representatives (SDRs):

Balancing Inbound and Outbound Strategies:

88. Inbound vs. Outbound Sales: Tailoring to Your Startup

Mikita Mikado, CEO of PandaDoc, shares their strategy of combining inbound sales for lead generation with outbound sales for better lead qualification, scalability, and product-market fit.

89. Prioritizing Outbound Sales: Signs to Consider

Four crucial questions to assess before prioritizing outbound sales.

Inside vs. Outside Sales:

90. Inside vs. Outside Sales: Structuring Sales Teams

Gabe Larsen from Kustomer explains the core distinctions between inside and outside sales.

91. Inside Sales Best Practices: HubSpot Case Study

Insights from HubSpot's VP of Sales on managing a 110-person inside sales team.

Mastering Cold Calling:

92. Enhancing Cold Calls: 12 Top Tips

This article brims with actionable tips for improving cold-calling efforts, emphasizing the mindset of genuinely helping and problem-solving.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs):

93. Scientific Goal Setting for SDR Teams

An eight-step checklist for VPs to set goals effectively for their SDRs.

94. Kyle Coleman's LinkedIn Insights

Kyle Coleman continuously provides valuable content on SDRs. Following him or browsing through his feed is a worthwhile resource.

Unlocking the Power of Cross-Functional Collaboration in Sales:

Effective collaboration between your sales team, product, customer experience, and marketing teams is essential for achieving success. Here are valuable resources that emphasize the importance of breaking down silos and fostering synergy among cross-functional teams:

95. Sales Collaboration Guide: Bridging the Gap Across Teams

This guide explores how sales teams can enhance collaboration not only within their own ranks but also with Marketing, Customer Success, Product, customers, and buyers. It emphasizes the significance of teamwork in winning and retaining modern buyers.

Harmonizing Sales and Marketing:

Despite sharing common objectives, sales and marketing teams often struggle to collaborate effectively. These resources provide insights into resolving common challenges between these two critical functions:

96. Addressing Nine Common Sales and Marketing Challenges

Drawing from Alex's experience at Lattice, this resource offers solutions to typical sources of tension between sales and marketing.

97. Aligning Marketing and Sales: Insights from Four Leaders

This article delves into the idea that misalignment between marketing and sales often stems from differences in mindset, goals, KPIs, processes, and campaigns.

Fostering Collaboration between Sales and Product Teams:

98. Enhancing Collaboration between Sales and Product Teams

This resource provides actionable advice for strengthening the relationship between sales and product teams.

99. Sales and Product Managers: A Collaborative Alliance

Learn how sales conversations can bring product teams closer to understanding user problems and crafting better solutions.

100. Unveiling Sales Insights for Product Teams

This article advocates breaking down barriers between product and sales teams, highlighting that user feedback from sales can lead to exceptional product enhancements.

Aligning Sales and Customer Experience (CX):

101. Three Vital Steps for Aligning Sales with Customer Success

This guide underscores the role of a seamless relationship between sales and CX in achieving long-term success for SaaS companies, focusing on retention, expansion, and advocacy.

Evolving the B2B Buyer Experience:

The B2B buying experience has shifted away from being impersonal and pushy. Sales teams are now adopting a more human-centered approach to B2B selling:

102. Transitioning from Sales to Guiding

Successful sales professionals are shifting from traditional sales tactics to guiding buyers toward well-informed decisions.

103. The Evolution of B2B Sales and Marketing

This resource explores how digitalization, multi-channel approaches, and rep-free purchasing are transforming sales team operations.

104. Delivering a Delightful B2B Sales Experience

Offering 12 tips for creating a positive sales experience for prospects.

105. Optimizing the B2B Buyer Experience: 8 Insights

Alex shares his insights on creating a seamless buying experience from his experiences at Lattice and Dock.

Additional B2B Sales Resources:

In addition to blogs, podcasts, and communities can be valuable sources of continuous learning in B2B sales. Here are some recommended options:

Exploring Valuable B2B Sales Podcasts:

Podcasts have become an invaluable resource for gaining insights from seasoned sales leaders. Here are some notable podcasts focused on B2B sales:

106. Grow & Tell

Hosted by Dock CEO Alex Kracov, this podcast features conversations with revenue leaders in Sales, Marketing, and Success. Listeners can gain valuable insights from pivotal stories about career journeys, company growth, and successful campaigns, providing a glimpse into what it takes to build a thriving company from the ground up.

107. Grit

Joubin Mirzadegan of Kleiner Perkins, a prominent Venture Capital firm, hosts this podcast. It features discussions with senior leaders from world-class organizations such as Tinder, Zoom, Loom, and Calendly, offering a deep dive into their experiences and insights.

108. 20 Growth

Harry Stebbings, founder of 20VC, presents a growth-focused podcast that includes interviews with B2B growth leaders. Listeners can expect to hear valuable strategies and perspectives on achieving growth in various business contexts.

109. SaaStr Podcast

With hundreds of interviews, this podcast delves into the topic of scaling Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) at an accelerated pace. It features discussions with operators and investors, providing a wealth of knowledge on scaling SaaS businesses.

110. Demo Diaries Podcast

This podcast is entirely dedicated to the art of giving exceptional product demos. It offers insights, tips, and best practices for delivering effective product demonstrations in the sales process.

111. Beyond Quota

Hosted by Pouyan Salehi and Ross Pomerantz, Beyond Quota showcases guests who began their careers in sales before ascending to more significant roles. It provides a unique perspective on career growth within the sales domain.

112. 30 Minutes to President's Club

Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh share actionable tactics in this podcast aimed at helping sales representatives enhance their sales skills. Listeners can expect valuable insights and strategies for improving their sales performance.

Exploring B2B Sales Communities:

Online communities offer opportunities to stay updated on the latest trends and engage with prominent thought leaders in the B2B space. Here are some recommended B2B sales communities:

113. Pavilion

Pavilion is a private community that focuses on high-growth performers. It offers sales programs with three membership tiers tailored for executives, managers, and analysts. While it requires a subscription fee, it provides access to valuable insights and resources.

114. Sales Hacker

Originally a thought leadership publication, Sales Hacker has evolved into the largest B2B sales community. It offers free membership and features well-moderated discussions and resources.

115. RevGenius

RevGenius is a rapidly growing and diverse community for revenue professionals, including those in sales, marketing, customer success, and revenue operations. It provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

116. PreSales Collective

The PreSales Collective is the largest global community for PreSales professionals and sales engineers. It offers a space for sharing expertise, collaborating, and staying updated on industry trends.

117. Modern Sales Pros

This free community is exclusive to revenue leaders in sales management, marketing management, and sales/RevOps. Members are vetted, ensuring high community standards and fostering valuable discussions.

These podcasts and communities serve as valuable resources for individuals and professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of B2B sales and engage with like-minded peers and experts in the field.